Who we are, what we do?

DEFEX was founded in 2014. We import and trade commercial explosives and also offer blasting expertise.

The company offices and warehouses are located in Korçë.

Our warehouses are the most modern and safe in the region. They are built according to international regulations and standards. Their capacity is enough to fulfill all the incoming requests from in and outside the region.

Explosives (ton)
Non-electric Detonators
Electric Detonators
Generic and Detonating Fuse (linear meters)

Our Vision

We aim to maintain and further consolidate our position in the regional market of commercial explosives, conforming to the ever-changing business and technology settings. Our company is focused on continually increasing its expertise and capacities to provide a better and more satisfactory service for our customers.

Our Mission

Our main mission is to always guarantee the best quality of the products and the most safety on the services that we provide to our clients.

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